Rachele Stagni, Graphic Designer 





‘Nserta dopu nserta/Moj in tl’acqua. Lavoro di donne.

Research + book design + exhibition 

Historical and folklore research about two women figures and their importance: Mondine and Tabacchine.
Mondine were rice workers from Emilia Romagna, while Tabacchine were working tobacco in southern Italy.
These two groups never met each other but shared similar stories and pains. 
They met eventually through chants they used to sing during long and hard work hours. This project is a starting point for a further exhibition to share our knowledge about their world. 

September 2021

Book: 210x270 mm
Banner: 20x0,5 m

Maxalt. Visioni Auree
Photography + book design
Aura migraine perception and feelings: a personal representation. This photobook represents my own experience dealing with aura migraine. Texts and drawings taken from Oliver Sacks, Gaetano Kanisza and others essays’.
June 2021
215x270 mm

Web design + exhibition + book design 
Project about loss of communication and dangerous data on the internet. We started from “Data drop” fenomena to develop a reflextion on what’s time today, what’s important between the vulnerability of information we receive from the media on a daily basis. Trying to escape from a totalitarian online communication, we went back to USB transmition and used it as a tool to spread information in a free way. We shared physically 150 USB keys around EU and asked for a new interpretation. At the end we collected all the materials in an exhibition at ISIA U. 
June 2021
Book: 210x297 mm

Tropicália and Beyond
Book design 
Visual edition of the book “Tropicália and Beyond: dialogues in Brazilian film history”.
The book was conceived to assemble frames of the most significant movies of Cinema Novo and Cinema Marginal and the original texts. The idea was to evoke newspapers feeling and impact of Tropicàlia on everyday life, as well as to suggest the duration of the multimedia contents.
September 2020 
230x320 mm